i just keep reblogging this because people need to see and know this.

to me at least there’s no doubt that Dean and Cas could develop into a sexual romance if the right scenario came into play, though I’m skeptical we’d see much of that aspect on screen and any relationship would have some serious bumps, not just because of the whole adjustment Dean would be making, but because Cas’ last sexual experience involved being stabbed int he chest after, and I have to think sooner or later that would come back to haunt him.

Sam’s making the same sort of gesture pulling back getting a larger view of Casitel, why don’t people make a big deal about that?

Maybe Jensen’s balls where twisted, maybe this is a posturer of protection because Dean isn’t really clear on how Castiel can even be here. 

I don’t get how anyone sees this scene and the default reaction is

"Dean’s sporting a boner" 

Dean’s upset, confused, and holding back a lot of questions in this scene, and to be honest I don’t get how anyone can see anymore than that in it. You can practically see the hurt and bewilderment in this scene, why make it about something it’s not. 

It’s the scene with Aaron all over again. 

I don’t necessarily see the scene as Dean being sexually turned on and thinking ‘I want to hit that’ so much as I see it as Dean recognizing on a conscious level even for a few seconds that ‘yes I could be physically attracted to this person. That said I do agree any spark of frisson is quickly subsumed by the other worries that dominate the situation at hand, and any spark of attraction present is something to be passed over not focused on. That said strong emotions like anger, sorrow and relief have a funny way of mixing themselves in to the human sex drive. There,’s a reason a lot of couples end up with babies nine months after fights, close calls or tragedies. The scene above to me sort of pings to that type of moment…Dean’s emotions are high for a lot of justifiable reasons and Cas stepping out all cleaned up may have rung a gong subconsciously. I’m not even going to go so far as to say Dean popped a boner but his reaction to Cas’ absence and return is distinctly different. Sam’s body displays shock concern amazement and curiosity. He leans back like Dean but there is no move to close his legs or cover his crotch. dean does both though…he doesn’t read to me as angry or unwilling to be touched, he reads like someone drawing back to process new information before leaning forward to Cas again. The sexual attraction isn’t the point of the scene but it’s there in my view at least. Human sexuality is often hardwired to moments of high emotion and that’s what I see in Dean. A subconscious registering of Cas as a sexual being that has his interest. The significance of that to me is in the fact Dean has rarely pinged so loudly on Cas before.

Not to mention, this scene was preceded by one where Dean, not Sam, was clearly grief stricken and distraught over his inability to let Cas go. The focus of the scene wasn’t on Sam, this was all about Dean and his reaction to having Cas back after mourning his loss for so long. Also, the long, panning “male gaze” shot we got of Cas’ body was from Dean’s POV. I hate to play the “if Cas weren’t in a male body things would be different card,” but were Cas female bodied, there would be no question as to how we should interpret Dean’s reaction here, let’s be honest.